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The Willow Festival is delighted to announce the attendance of AA Record Fairs, an events-based record fair that travels the country offering thousands of records, tapes and CDs for sale.

AA Record Fairs have been dealing in records for around 30 years. Initially selling on market stalls, they have operated records shops, moving on to standing record fairs organised by others.

This eventually led to organising fairs themselves: Derby, St Peter’s Church being their first event on 21st December 2019.

Since then, they have built up a calendar full of record fairs and a strong following of fans and regulars

For those that want to complete a collection, try out new music, or browse through for that ‘unicorn’ of a record, AA Records is sure to have what you are looking for among the thousands on offer.

Catch them at The Willow Festival 2023, open daily.