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Before Applying to perform please read carefully below.

It’s important you understand who and what we are before submitting an application to appear at the festival.
We exist to help unsigned, upcoming and emerging original live music acts as well as other types of live music. 
TWF is not about making profit, although it does need to cover it’s costs. It exists because of the
hundreds of hours volunteers to put in to make it happen, sponsorship and other types of financial
support, hence the reason a ticket for the whole weekend can be heavily subsidised at only £10.00.
Bands & artists who appear at The Willow Festival do so because they want to be involved and they do it
entirely at their own expense. We do not ask any band / artist to perform without payment, we simply put
the event out there, and those who find value in it are welcome to apply to get involved. 
Seeing the benefit of that involvement is up to the individual, some will see the value, others won’t, and
that is perfectly fine.
We are approached on occasion by various music industry representatives with the offer of money to
showcase their respective artists, but we do not accept these offers and all the bands who appear do so
by going through the application process and all are given equal consideration.
Bands / artists will be given passes for themselves and crew, and two extra free entry tickets each for
guests, as well as being given access to the green room VIP area where they can relax, drink and
network with others from the industry.
Each time it is staged, The Willow Festival receives over 3500 bands applications from artists locally,
regionally, nationally and worldwide and the organisers choose which artists appear mainly on the basis
of how much they believe the festival can help them with exposure, promotion and further work.
Bands will be supplied a table and T- shirt hanging area near the stage they are performing on to be able
to sell their merchandise. The band’s members or crew will need to manage their own merchandise sales.
The Willow Festival does not take a commission or charge a fee for merchandise sales. The area
supplied is free to use.
If you have news about song releases or merchandise, please send it to
and we’ll be pleased to help promote your products for you, also free of charge.
You must confirm that you have read and agreed to the above when submitting artists to us, otherwise we
cannot process your application.
Thanks very much for your interest.