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New single release “ Cecilia” by We Are All Fossils.
We Are All Fossils appear at The Willow Festival 2023 on Sunday 23rd June

We Are All Fossils began in 2014 as a YouTube project and has grown into a magnetic contemporary folk entity.

Blurring lines between indie folk & contemporary folk, with its unique introspective feel and heartfelt lyrics, it’s an honest mirror to life experiences and a
decoding of the emotive spectrum.

Cecilia is the band’s forth single and is released in light of a third studio album which is due to surface toward the end of 2023.

Recording started in January of 2020, a few months before the world stopped. 

As the ashes of covid life started to settle, the sad passing of a close and belovedfamily member in early 2022 created a lonesome and distant existence far from the
world that created the band’s songs during that period.

Cecilia was a road map back, and as the lyrics imply, you do not have control of your own destiny. The life you live can in an instant change its course without you being aware of the change or even the magnitude of that change.

As the song highlights ‘A life living isn’t bitter my friend’ When we are consumed by our past and focus on our future desires, we can lose sight of the beauty that is
the ‘present’.