Minus Satellite

Formed in late 2021 following the global pandemic and realisation that music was a vital part of their lives, three musicians began working on the early conceptions of what would become an alternative rock band, Minus Satellite.
During 2022 the band worked on and released three singles which saw radio play on BBC Introducing with the track Mechanical Waves maintaining a spot in the Primordial Radio Top 40.
2023 has brought new music and a more defined sound for Minus Satellite with their next single, I Leaped Ahead of God (Elevation), due for a release in the spring.
“On the strength of Mechanical Waves and Forte, Minus Satellite are definitely a band to watch if you’re into this kind of thing. Powerful, melodic and screamy in all the right measure, these tracks are the perfect introduction to the band and I for one look forward to hearing more.”– Metal Planet Music
“Loving the heavy and ethereal sound of this band” – Pete Bailey, Primordial Radio
“This trio is as good as any signed act and I would not be surprised if they blew up soon as they get a couple  more songs under their belts” – Up To Hear