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Giant Collapse release their second single “No More Lies”.

Giant Collapse is the writing and recording project of Paul Archer (Disraeli Gears, The Ghears, Burning Codes) and Andy Hawkins, producer and former member of Midget.

Their second single and most recent release “No More Lies” concerns honesty and pellucidity within the corridors of power in an age where those in positions of trust and service are degrading, abolishing and flaunting the laws which were brought into being to protect us all.

“No More Lies” has received extensive airplay to date, including being play listed at BBC Radio Ulster and Alternative Twisted Radio.

The single can be downloaded via the links below.

Apple Music:

UK iTunes Store:
“Giant Collapse are in love with the beauty of broken sound and the imperfectness and randomness and fragility of unkempt sonic decay as much as they are with melody and song. Within brokenness there can be opportunity and beauty and awareness, openness, humility, transparency, potential change and rebuilding.
Giant Collapse are musical misfits, the curious, those who do not blindly accept everything we are fed or indoctrinated into.
Giant collapse music is born from the open, engaged and thoughtful questioning of the false agendas, the potentially unhelpful and misleading dogmas and the destructive systems. It encourages active questioning, creative approaches, discussion, individuality and art.
Giant Collapse are not a part of any movement, they are a movement of their own making and expression. They exist to question through melody, dissonance, word, noise, deed, protest, agitation and song.”

Photo credit: Chandler Cruttenden