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An Emotional Journey to Paradise with Dav ID

After much anticipation, Dav ID releases his debut EP Paradise on May 12, 2023. This collection of five soul-stirring tracks is a deep dive into the artist’s emotional landscape, culminating with the fan-favourite single Overplayed.

Each song on the EP explores a unique emotion, starting from the mellow vibes of Way to Paradise, the upbeat energy of Welcome to the Party, the playful Tiffany, the heartmelting Another Mistake, and finally arriving at the struggle and peaceful resolution of Overplayed. The ultimate destination is Paradise, when all these emotions are accepted and one can feel at peace.

Dav ID gazing into a mirror on the EP’s cover symbolizes self-reflection, an exploration of one’s true self. The mirror, often regarded as a window to the soul, reflects the introspective nature of Paradise.


Dav ID is a young singer-songwriter, whose music will take you deep in his melancholia. Self-taught musician, he crafted an R&B-infused style that takes his listeners on an emotional journey, exploring the highs and lows of life.

Born in 1996 in Kinshasa, Dav ID developed his passion for music at a very

young age. Lulled by artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Bruce Springsteen, they inspired in him the love for singing and performing. At 9 years old, his parents bought him his first piano. That is when he started writing his first songs.

Up to now, Dav ID has released three singles and has performed in venues and festivals across the UK and Belgium, and as support act of artists like Suarez and IBE.

Paradise is a testament to Dav ID’s unique artistic direction and style. It is a emotional journey that promises to touch the hearts of his listeners, ultimately leading them towards self-realization, much like the artist himself. Embark on this journey towards your own Paradise with Dav ID’s EP as your guide.

‘Paradise’ by Dav ID is out May 12th