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A new single by Dogs! Teeth! Is due for release today 12th May.

‘A Family Fantasy’ is a tongue in cheek song about how our experiences in childhood can sometimes limit us and stop us from reaching our full potential. It points to the ‘stiff upper lip’ culture of this country as being at times dangerously toxic to our wellbeing.
Dogs! Teeth! are a frothing hotpot of alternative rock inspired by bands like Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie and The Pixies.

The three-piece came together in Peterborough in 2022 over a love of the 90’s alternative guitar sound and vehemently believe in an ‘all live, no backing tracks’ approach.

‘The craft’ is very important to the band, but so is quirky soulful irreverence. They try not to take themselves too seriously whilst writing about serious topics.